Next generation 3D Doppler tracking radar design Higher performance, increased signal-to-noise ratio resulting in even better consistency and unmatched accuracy on every measurement and data parameter



    電池使用壽命增長采用現代化輕質鋰電池技術,充電后,工作時長長達14 小時。充電時間短,輕巧便捷。

    Enhanced battery technologyModern light weight, Li-Poly battery technology which gives a longer battery life,reduced charging time, and reduced overall system weight


    內置WI-FI 瞄準攝像頭內置微型攝像機,可通過無線連接任何移動設備進行姿勢分析

    Built-in Wi-Fi boresight camera A 5 MP camera allows for digital target view wirelessly on your mobile device, with video analysis available soon



    Universal external camera mountMount industr y standard cameras for swing capture,equipment capture, and target view



    Updated body style New, more durable handle and automatic leveling feet and a sleek new cover



    Increased portability Lighter overall weight and a new, wheeled transport case for improved mobility


    球的發射及飛行數據 Ball Launch & Flight:

    球速 Ball Speed

    垂直發射角 Vertical Launch Angle

    水平發射角 Horizontal Launch Angle

    垂直墜落角 Vertical Descent Angle

    擊球效率 Smash Factor

    旋轉速率 Spin Rate

    旋轉軸 Spin Axis

    飛行距離 Carry Distance

    滾動距離 Roll Distance

    總距離 Total Distance

    橫向著陸 Lateral Landing

    頂點高度 Apex Height

    飛行時間 Flight Time

    分散視圖 Shot Dispersion

    離洞技能距離 Shot Distance to Pin

    技能評分 Skills Score

    桿頭及揮桿數據:Club & Swing

    桿頭速度Club Speed

    桿速剖析 Club Speed Profile

    桿速加速剖析 Club Acceleration Profile

    桿面路徑 Face to Path

    面向目標 Face to Target

    桿面動態仰角 Dynamic Loft

    打擊角度 Angle of Attack

    球桿路徑 Club Path

    倒旋仰角 Spin Loft

    水平揮桿面 Swing Plane Horizontal

    垂直揮桿面 Swing Plane Vertical






    內置可充電電池持續時長達4 小時

    Built-in rechargable battery Providing up to 4 hours of battery life


    內置WIFI可直接連接蘋果或安卓系統暫時不提供PC 軟件(正在升級當中,未來可提供)

    Built-in Wi-Fi For direct connection to iOS and Android mobile devices (No PC connection available)



    Accurate data measurements Get a detailed analysis of your ball flight and club swing



    唯一一款能達到你打高爾夫目標的應用軟件FLIGHTSCOPE 開發的軟件,結合各種特征,提高打球球技

    The only app to get your golf game on target Improve your game like never before with the Skills mobile app, featuring the FlightScope Combines.




    運用SKILLS 能改變你練習的方式,根據每一次打球的目標,每一次擊球,提供評估數據,給予最快速的對比分析,以此給予最精確的球技提升。下載蘋果或者安卓軟件,自定義你的目標形狀,尺寸,距離以及每個目標點的桿數。IOS 上的SKILLS 應用支持X2 Elite, Xi Tour, Xi+ 以及 Xi 系列設備。安卓上的SKILLS 更新后,將會擁有同樣的性能。


    Skills will change the way you practice, evaluate and compete with instant feedback on every target and every shot, game improvement has never been this precise Download the Apple or Android app and experience a new way of golf training by customizing your target shape, size, distance and number of shots per target. The iOS Skills application is currently compatible with the X2 Elite, Xi Tour, Xi+ and Xi radars. The Android Skills will have the

    same capabilities with the next release.


    最先進綜合的數據評估專為測試打球球員技能水平而設計為測試打球者20 碼短切到260 碼木桿而設計,只為打球者達到他們最佳打球水平而設計。


    Featuring the most advanced Combine assessment available The FlightScope Combines have been designed to be the timate test of a golfer's skill levels.Designed to test the golfer over distances ranging from a 20 yard chip shot up to a 260 yard drive. This test should only be attempted by players interested in comparing themselves with the best.


    根據球員的基準創建定制的挑戰SKILLS 應用軟件提供定制挑戰功能,可以設計自己的目標尺寸,距離來擊球,以及每個目標值多少分。最后當你完成挑戰時,你可以將你的成績結果與PGA 巡回選手進行對比。

    Create customizable challenges for player benchmarking The Skills app provides you with the ability to build customized challenges. You design the size of the target, the distance you want to hit and how many points each target is worth. Finally when you have completed your challenge, you can compare your results with other players and PGA Tour


    Focusband 是用真實的視聽神經反饋,在球員打球過程中,進行心理狀態的測量,并起到輔助作用。它在打球每一桿前及打球過程中都可輔助訓練人的心理狀態。使用它,訓練你打球過程中,更有效的集中打球的精力,而不是讓你注意打球的結果。

    FocusBand measures and assists in self-training of mental state during your shot routine using real time audio-visual neurofeedback. Assist in training the mental process before and during every shot. Practice more efficiently by focusing on total self-awareness more than on the outcome.









    Flightscope's portable consumer unit is made for tracking speed and basic performance in any environment, with ideo output for every swing or shot taken


    在出發MEVO 測速儀時,應用程序會自動剪輯并儲存視頻

    Automatic Clipping

    Application will automatically clip and store the video based on the trigger from the MEVO device



    Customized View

    Choose from a variety of data overlay templates for custom output and performance review


    MySwing 揮桿分析儀Flightscope 生產的, 至今為止唯一一款無線全身3D 多普勒追蹤儀,可捕獲身體動作分析,桿頭數據以及球的飛行軌跡。

    The only wireless, full-body,3D motion capture tool combined with FlightScope data to bring body motion, club data, and ball fight together for cause and effect.



    ? 光盤一個,包含專業軟件以及快速安裝指南

    ? 17 個身體用傳感器以及2 個桿用傳感器,可充


    ? 綁帶

    ? 攜帶箱

    ? 培訓以及更新


    In the Box:

    ? PC Tablet loaded with mySwing Professional

    software & Quick Start Guide

    ? 17 body sensors & 2 shaft sensors with charging


    ? Straps

    ? Carrying Case

    ? Training & Upgrades

    ? 綁帶:數根綁帶,可清洗,松緊舒適,質輕。將身體用傳感器綁上即可用。? 數據捕捉:MysWing 專業測速儀可提供角度、速度以及高爾夫任何角度的? 揮桿速度數據:這些數據可通過MySwing 專業軟件獲取。? 分析:逐楨查看及對比高爾夫揮桿軌跡??蓜澗€,角度,追蹤軌跡。通過運動圖示來評估揮桿的力度。

    ? 上傳儲存:可將揮桿數據上傳至MySwing 庫。

    ? Suit Up: Adjustable straps are comfortable, washable, and lightweight. Simply attach the sensors to the straps with a single turn and you're ready to go.

    ? Data Capture: Using full-body 3D motion capture, mySwing Professional provides angles, speeds, and velocities of the golf swing from any angle.

    FlightScope data will be available to view along with 3D swing data in the mySwing Professional software.

    ? Analyze: View your golf swing frame by frame and compare multiple swings side by side. Draw body lines, angles, and traces. Kinematic graphs are available to evaluate mechanics.

    ? Upload & Store: Physical screens, swings, and FlightScope data are automatically uploaded to the mySwing locker.